Tailor-made furnishings, no series production, Samarreda

We do not produce industrial design, we do not work for mass production. Our achievements have a father (the client), a reason (the requirement that created them) and a place to which they are intended.


As the tailor chooses the fabric with the customer, we select the materials that the client and/or designers have in mind; as the tailor takes measures for the wedding package and makes the model, we carry out the survey of the entire environment to rebuild it in our laboratory. The creation takes shape within our carpentry, where each piece is carefully made and assembled.

The skilled hands of our carpenters, materials of Italian quality, attention to detail offer to Samarreda’s customer a high tailoring.

Since 1966 Samarreda manufactures furniture for homes, shops, hotels, showrooms, places of work… never two alike, always identity of our client, always with the quality of Made in Italy.




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